Where to go

Middlemore Hospital

Middlemore Hospital provides abortion service in over 13 weeks. Before this, Epsom Day Unit provides medical and surgical abortion services. 

The First Step

If you are less than 13 weeks pregnant you can have your abortion at Epsom Day Unit. Details on how to contact them are below. 

If you are more than 13 weeks pregnant, your abortion will be provided at Middlemore Hospital, again see below for contact details. 

Medical Termination less than 13 weeks

Please contact Epsom Day Unit 

Surgical Termination more than 13 weeks pregnant

If you are 13 or more weeks pregnant, please contact Middlemore Hospital by phone 0800 877 887 or email your name, date of birth, NHI number (if known) and safe contact details at abortionservices@middlemore.co.nz


Follow-up is provided by the referring doctor. Follow-up counselling is available, as above, through the counsellors at the abortion clinic