Where to go

Hawkes Bay Hospital - Terrace Cinic

The Terrace Clinic provides a service to women from Dannevirke to Wairoa. They provide medical abortion up to 9 weeks of pregnancy and surgical abortion up to 14 weeks of pregnancy.

If your pregnancy is more than 14 weeks you will be referred to Te Mahoe Unit, Wellington Hospital or to Auckland.

National Abortion Telemedicine Service 

A nationwide early medical abortion by phone service (up to 10 weeks of pregnancy) is also available directly by contacting The Women's Clinic on 0800 ABORTION (0800 226 784) or via the website www.thewomensclinic.net.nz/contact 

The First Step

You can self-refer by contacting the Clinic directly by calling or text (06)834 3952 or 027 457 4312.

You can talk to your own doctor (GP) and they may refer you. 

Other options for referral are

  • Family Planning Clnics
  • Directions  (free for 10-24 yr )  phone (06)871 5307  
  • Sexual health Services HB ( 06)834 1815 ext 4240 or 027 703 7391
  • Urgent care centres - City Medical (06) 835 4999 or Hastings Health Centre (06)8738999

The Clinic only operates once a week and so walk-in self referrals are not offered. Please try to phone and talk to someone first.

All of these services are available to residents and non-residents. Fees may apply to some non-residents 


A dedicated counsellor is available to see all women who wish this. Women are usually referred by their referring doctor, but also can be referred by the doctors in The Terrace Clinic

Medical termination

Medical abortion is available up to 9 weeks of preganacy. 

Ideally women need to stay within an hour’s travel of the Hastings Hospital and have practical support at home.

Follow up is provided by the Clinic doctor until the second blood test result is available the following week and contraception is arranged, if possible, at the Clinic or sought from the woman’s usual doctor afterwards.

Surgical Termination at the Terrace Clinic

Surgical abortion is available from 7 to 14 weeks gestation and is done as an in-patient day case with two sessions per week on a set day.

Long term contraceptives such as IUDs and Jadelles (implants) can be fitted at the same time.

The surgery is done under intravenous sedation with strong pain relief and local anaesthetic. You won't be able to safely drive home or be responsible for the care of children afterwards and will require a driver/support person to do both. 

Follow-up is advised with the woman’s usual doctor for contraception or for any minor problems encountered.

If any significant problem post termination is taken care of in ED under the care of the gynaecology team on call. 

Surgical termination more than 14 weeks pregnant

If your pregnancy is more than 14 weeks you will be referred to Te Mahoe Unit, Wellington Hospital or to Auckland.

Follow up

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