Where to go

Whangarei Hospital

Whangarei hospital provides abortion to 13 weeks of pregnancy.

If your pregnancy is further along than 13 weeks you will be referred to a private Auckland gynaecologist for a surgical procedure.

The First Step

To be referred, you can see a GP or Family Planning doctor. Alternatively you can see one of the social workers at Whangarei Hospital for initial counselling.

They will talk to you and organise some essential blood and swab tests, offer you a counselling appointment and, if you wish, book you in for an appointment at Whangarei Hospital.

If you go for initial pregnancy counselling and would like to consider termination, you will be referred from here to a referring doctor.


All women are seen for counselling either directly referred or referred on by your doctor. The social worker will make the appointment for surgery. They will attend on the day of the procedure to provide support. Counselling can be arranged in Kaitaia for women from the Far North if requested by ringing the social worker at Whangarei hospital.

Medical Termination

Medical termination is not available to women in the Northland region

Surgical Termination at Whangarei Hospital

The procedure is done by vacuum aspiration usually under general anaesthetic (asleep) up to 13 weeks of pregnancy.

Surgical Termination more than 13 weeks pregnant

Abortion after 13 weeks pregnancy is performed by a private Auckland gynaecologist.

You will be seen by the social worker at Whangarei Hospital or this can be arranged in Kaitaia for women from the Far North. The counsellor will also arrange with the DHB for funding if you meet the criteria after full social worker assessment. The decision is made by the manager of surgical services. If funding is refused women will need to pay for their own TOP.

The procedure is surgical dilatation and curettage and is over two days.


Follow-up is provided by the referring doctor. Follow-up counselling is available, as above, through the social workers at Whangarei Hospital.