Where to go

Dunedin Hospital

Dunedin Hospital provides an abortion service up to 14 weeks of pregnancy. There is a limited service over 14 weeks, please enquire directly.


To be referred, you can see a GP or Family Planning doctor or phone 0800 TOPSDHB,. They will talk to you and organise some essential blood and swab tests, scan and offer you a counselling appointment and, if you wish, book you an appointment at the Dunedin Hospital.


Counselling is available at the hospital, and is offered to every patient. For patients living outside Dunedin, it may also be available locally in their home district before their Dunedin clinic appointments. Counselling is also available post-procedure.

Medical Termination at the Dunedin Hospital

Early medical termination is available to all women up to 9 weeks of pregnancy. You will be required to take the medicines at the clinic in Dunedin Hospital, but will then return home for the miscarriage to occur.

If you live more than one or two hours' drive from Dunedin, you'll have to make your own arrangements for a place to stay in Dunedin for 24 hours after taking the second tablets (the misoprostol). This may be with a supportive friend or family or at a motel. 

Medical procedures at later stages of pregnancy are also available for women ending pregnancies due to serious fetal abnormalities and these will take place in hospital, usually as a day case but may require an overnight stay.

Surgical Termination at Dunedin Hospital

The procedure is done under general anaesthetic (asleep) as a day stay, up to 14 weeks of pregnancy. Surgical procedures are available, but more limited, beyond 14 weeks. Please contact the Day Surgery Unit as soon as possible especially with pregnancies over 12 weeks. 


Follow-up is provided by the referring doctor. Follow-up counselling is available.