Where to go

The Women's Clinic, Invercargill

Abortion services and Telehealth abortion services in the Southern region can be accessed through The Women's Clinic in Invercargill. All women from the region considering abortion will be assessed at The Women's Clinic.

The clinic is free to Southern DHB residents and offers medical abortion for the first 10 weeks of pregnancy and surgical abortion for the first 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Women requiring abortion after 15 weeks will be referred from The Women's Clinic to Dunedin, the Te Mahoe unit in Wellington or a Private Auckland Consultant.

The Women's Clinic offers privately funded medical and surgical abortion services to non-residents. 


COVID-19 Update.

The Women's Clinic is open and providing care regardless of the COVID threat level. Where possible we are offering telehealth and courier of abortion medication to your home. Our surgical service is still open for women who need it. 

The First Step

You can contact the clinic directly on 0800 226 784 (0800 Abortion).

The reception staff will book you an appointment with the clinic nurse. During the nurse consultation, you will be able to discuss your situation and will be given more information about your options. The nurse will also organise some essential blood and swab tests. Ultrasound scanning is also performed at the clinic. 

For women who are in the first 15 weeks of pregnancy, abortion will be provided by the Women's Clinic. If you require abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy you will be to Dunedin, the Te Mahoe unit in Wellington or a Private Auckland Consultant.


All women who book at The Women’s Clinic will be offered optional counseling. Counseling is provided by the Social Work department at Kew Hospital.  This service is free of charge to NZ residents and offers the opportunity to discuss the social and emotional aspects of the decision to terminate a pregnancy. The counselor is also available to you after you have been through the termination.

Medical Abortion at The Women's Clinic

Medical Abortion is available up to 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Surgical Termination at the Women's Clinic

Surgical abortion up to 15 weeks of pregnancy under local anaesthetic (awake) is available at the Women's clinic. Surgical abortion is funded for Southern DHB residents.

Surgical Termination over 15 weeks of pregnancy

Women who have a pregnancy of 15 weeks or greater will be referred to Dunedin, the Te Mahoe unit in Wellington or a Private Auckland Consultant.

Abortion is performed under General Anaesthetic (asleep) and will usually require the woman to travel down the day before the procedure and stay overnight in Wellington.

Surgical abortion over 15 weeks is funded for Mid-Central residents.

Follow up

Follow-up is provided by The Women’s clinic, which also includes a comprehensive contraception service.

Follow-up counseling is available at the Social Work Department if needed.


The Women's Clinic services are free to all Southern DHB residents who are entitled to funded health care in New Zealand as is surgical abortion for women with a later pregnancy. 

For non-residents, residents of other DHB regions and overseas visitors medical and surgical abortion are available through the Women's Clinic at a cost of $950.