Where to go

Gisborne Hospital

Abortion is provided in Gisborne up to 14 weeks of pregnancy.

If your pregnancy is further along than 14 weeks or there are significant medical or personal reasons you will be referred to Te Mahoe Unit in Wellington Hospital.

The First Step

To be referred you can see a GP, Family Planning doctor, or to go directly to the Community Clinic.


Counselling is a essential part of the process at the Community Clinic. As well as offering counselling they will also explain the process and options available to you. The counsellor is also available to you after you have been through the termination.

Medical Termination in Gisborne

Medical termination is available to all women up to nine weeks of pregnancy.

Surgical Termination in Gisborne

The procedure is done by vacuum aspiration under local anaesthetic (awake) up to 14 weeks of pregnancy.


Women should return to their referring doctors for follow-up within two weeks. However follow-up can be provided in the Community Clinic.